Church History


A Child Evangelism Class that began in the home of the Jenkinson family in 1943 was the seed for an Evangelical Free Church located in what was then rural Moline.  The pastor of the First Evangelical Free Church, Rev. Ray Schulenberg, was instrumental in helping to start a branch Sunday School for those who met in the Jenkinson’s home.  In 1943 the Mound View School near the Quad-City Airport became the meeting place for that Sunday School.  The Sunday School Superintendent of the First Evangelical Free Church, Mr. Zimmerman, led a team of Sunday School teachers who began the new Sunday School.  John Kahle filled the pulpit while church services were held in the school.

The church was formally organized in November 1951.  The Strombeck family had purchased property near the school which they later donated to the church.  A new church building was dedicated on April 26, 1953.  Rev. Thorwall of the First Evangelical Free Church assisted in organizing the new church.  The first pastor of the church was Rev. Roger Gustafson, who served from 1955-1958.  Rev. George Boyagian filled the pulpit until Rev. Earl Hurne became pastor in 1959.  He served until 1961.  Mr. Fran Harrell filled the pulpit until Rev. Ray Faust came to the church in 1962.

In 1965 an eight-room classroom addition was made to the church.  In 1969 Sunday School attendance averaged 160 people.

Pastor Faust left in 1972 and Pastor Gifford Meyers began serving the church in 1973.  In 1976 the congregation voted to change the name of the church from Mound View Evangelical Free to Faith Evangelical Free Church.  From 1975 to 1977, the main building was remodeled with new amenities such as carpeting and air-conditioning.  The property adjacent to the church, which included a small house, was acquired.

Robert Page was pastor from 1976-1978.

In 1978 Pastor Randy Larson began his pastorate here.  Randy had grown up in the church.  In 1981 the church renovated the small house on the property creating church offices and meeting rooms.  The building was dedicated in memory of Richard Strombeck, a church member who passed away in 1981.

After Randy Larson left, Ron Allen became pastor on October 1, 1986.  He served for 12 years, leaving in February 1999.  At the end of 1999, Michael Kennedy agreed to fill the pulpit on an interim basis.  In July 2000, Michael was offered and accepted the position as full-time senior pastor.  An installation service was held in August 2000.

Since our start in the 1950’s, most of the nearby homes and neighborhoods have gradually disappeared while the Quad Cities International Airport has expanded.  Families in the church continue to represent various Illinois Quad City communities.

Since 2003 the small group ministry has become a functional structure of the church.  At least 2/3 of our Church members participate and report they have found vital support and fellowship in small groups.

In 2003 extensive building improvements were made—the roof was completely replaced.  The Electrical, lighting, and air conditioning services were also completely redone.  The music, video, and sound equipment used in the worship service were all updated with computers and additional new equipment.  Our church web presence makes the sermons available around the world via the Internet.

In 2007 a new constitution was adopted.  The most significant item was the change from a congregational style of governance to an elder-led governance.  This change was made after considerable effort to understand and teach the Biblical basis for, and responsibilities of, elders in the church.

Children’s Church was added during the worship service in 2011.

We continue to build in and outside of our body here at Faith.  By equipping the saints, we are continuously training people to serve where God gives them opportunity.

Information provided by N. Johnson, G. Lange, church members / compiled by C. Moore 2012.